So here’s a heavier topic than radioactive bananas, but I think it’s worthy of a post, anyway. (Or, rather, worthy of resurrection from my stockpile of “interesting factoids I found on teh internets.”)

One of my pet hates is bad research; closely following on its heels is my loathing of the way that research is reported upon in the media.

Unemployment statistics that are most often reported are also most often pretty much meaningless, because they leave huge chunks of the population out. Like, huuuuuuuge. So, when I stumbled across this, it gave me at least an eensy bit of hope that somewhere, someone really *was* doing data collection a little less stupidly. It’s just that it’s the stupider statistics that get reported on most. Of course. Anyway, have a look at the above links, while I contemplate the state of research, statsics and reporting in the media (aka while I bang my head against my desk).