The Great Brain Experiment

Now if only I had a smartphone…

XParanormal Detector

One more silly thing to play with… if you dare. Personally, I’m not so sure the experience of potentially figuring out once and for all if my computer is possessed is worth the potential malware exposure.

California police use of body cameras cuts violence and complaints

So this one largely speaks for itself; all commentary on my part would pretty much come in the form of angry rants. Basically, yes, please, let’s implement this. Accountability FTW.

I *will* say that if the reported scope of change with cameras vs.without is accurate, then “When you know you’re being watched you behave a little better” is one heck of an understatement.

Mivor the Robot

I talked to it for a little while.

It asked me if my friends made me happy, and signed off shortly after it asked me if I was in love, and admitted it didn’t understand what I meant when I said “no.” In other words, if I had been on a dating site, it would have passed the Turing test with flying colors.

The future of facial recognition

Man, just read it. And think, as I did, “Holy crap, the world is creepy.”

Also, I remember tineye as far back as 2009. There’s no real reason for me to mention this other than to effectively declare myself a reverse image search hipster. (It had already been around for a year at that point, according to wikipedia, so I kinda fail at that, anyway.)