Where’s the Lab Grown Cultured Beef?


I find this fascinating on many levels, not the least of which is “Oooh! Cool!!! We’re doing one of those things that means we’re living in The Future!”

I wonder how long till it becomes anything *like* mainstream? And, what route it will take to get there? (If they were able to get the cost of making the burgers down to, well, less than several hundred grand a pop, they could set up a burger joint in a location with enough geeks and hipsters, they’d sure as heck be guaranteed a profitable restaurant.)

I do kind of wonder who’ll have objections to *this* kind of meat, too. I’m assuming some vegetarians will (because animal stem cells) and some won’t (because, petri-dish meat). This certainly seems like it would get folks who’re worried about genetically-modified foods allllllll kinds of het up. And, of course, the Westboro Baptist Church will probably protest it.

Personally, I have celiac, so as long as the meat stays gluten-free (which by all logic it ought to, but, my god, gluten is a sneaky little SOB), I’d be down to try it. (I said the same thing about the Ikea horse meat scandal awhile back.) And, come to think of it, genuinely hope I get the chance to try eating something like these “burgers,” within my lifetime.

Though, it sounds like it may need some *really* good seasoning.