It’s 2am. Do you know where your sleep is?

I immediately thought about this, which I posted awhile back. Maybe part of why we seem to be getting dumber as a society is that we’re all sleep-deprived idiots. Certainly should impact reaction times, anyway.


(This post would be more witty and insightful but I’m pretty tired right now.)

“Grand Challenges:” Develop the Next Generation of Condom

OK, the “tee-hee it’s a sexual topic” aspect aside, this is actually potentially a really good thing. Improving sexual health and control over reproduction FTW.

Frankly, the thing that amuses me more than anything else is that it’s a challenge hailing from Bill Gates. I mean, I understand that he’s super-duper into philanthropy. I also understand that he hasn’t worked full-time for microsoft for awhile. Still, thoughts come to mind like “Damn, Microsoft wants a stake in EVERYTHING” and “I wonder how Apple will respond to this?”