a brief and hastily-constructed explanation

So, here’s an explanation of why this blog is being created, as written in a long ramble when I was up a little bit past my bedtime.

The super short version:
I’m bleeping ghastly at small talk, and I want to get better at it.

The slightly longer version:
I first mentioned starting this blog as an almost-joke in a conversation with a friend who I had, at that point, had many conversations in which we had each lamented our respective social deficits. (I really am constructing this explanation hastily, by the way, so please excuse whatever the heck happened to the grammar in the preceding sentence, as well as whatever will happen to it for however long I continue to torture the English language while defending my bizarre choice of blog topic.) Anyway, I kept turning the idea over and over in my head, and it seemed like an increasingly good idea, for some reason. (Probably mild sleep deprivation.)

The super-broad goal of this blog is to make this happen less often: http://xkcd.com/1222/

For a number of reasons (which I composed a paragraph enumerating, then decided it was extremely boring and really only served to emphasize the importance of my following through on this blog, so I deleted it), I feel like at least some portion of my social awkwardness would be eliminated by my just plain having better stuff to talk about than political issues that get me angry and rant-y, and the occasional cute stuff my cat does.

That said, the really-vague, probably-going-to-eventually-be-changed but slightly-more-tangible goal is for me to start regularly posting stuff that would be at least somewhat appropriate to throw into casual conversation. The “at least somewhat” qualifier is relevant as I anticipate much of what I hunt down and post about will probably tend towards the nerdy. Which is fine, because I tend towards to nerdy, and so do the vast majority of people I interact with socially. (In other words, I do not intend to stoop to brushing up on celebrity gossip. It makes me feel slightly dirty to even know who the Kardashians *are,* and I only learned that through passive and rather reluctant osmosis.)

How often I post, and for how long, is something I’m also planning to set goals for myself on, but I’m also expecting/planning to tweak said goals over time.

This blog will therefore involves me looking for, finding, reading and posting about new, cool and interesting things. This in turn presumably involves me learning about cool and interesting things well enough to talk about them. It also affords me an opportunity to do science to myself. There seems, in fact, to be relatively little downside.

Except time. I spent too long writing this. I should stop now.

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