I am going to be taking a break from posting (or, posting regularly) for a bit; I seem to have taken on too much, and this is one of the least essential projects I am currently attempting to juggle.

“Grand Challenges:” Develop the Next Generation of Condom


OK, the “tee-hee it’s a sexual topic” aspect aside, this is actually potentially a really good thing. Improving sexual health and control over reproduction FTW.

Frankly, the thing that amuses me more than anything else is that it’s a challenge hailing from Bill Gates. I mean, I understand that he’s super-duper into philanthropy. I also understand that he hasn’t worked full-time for microsoft for awhile. Still, thoughts come to mind like “Damn, Microsoft wants a stake in EVERYTHING” and “I wonder how Apple will respond to this?”

XParanormal Detector


One more silly thing to play with… if you dare. Personally, I’m not so sure the experience of potentially figuring out once and for all if my computer is possessed is worth the potential malware exposure.

You’ve Never Heard Of Gaming’s Most Famous Photographer


I find this fascinating; it never really occurred to me before that this would even be a thing in the first place. Kind of amazing, the hobbies people think to have, and the time and effort they’ll pour into them.

Also, the money people will put into kickstarters. Have a look at his; it’s kinda brilliant, and, I gotta say, while I do assume he’s actually primarily seeking these game consoles for professional purposes… sooooooooo many things to play with. Like, srsly.

“Fitness Age”


I generally think of these kinds of calculators as being about as valid as a horoscope, but, like horoscopes, they can be mildly entertaining. This is not so much great fodder for small talk, but, whatever, it’s a thing to play with.

Apparently, I’m under 20, fitness-wise, by the way. Which, at definitely-not-under-20, is nice to hear. Now if only they asked about those aches and pains and other old-person-problems that I’m decreasingly able to be in denial about…