Time to set a new tangible goal. Because goals are good, and setting new and better goals is even better. I met my goal, and then just kept on running with it for awhile, but it is time to crank it up a notch.

Goal for now through… let’s say the end of October, eh? Is to, first off, continue to post at least one interesting thing per week.*

The twist shall be that, now that I properly understand wordpress “tags” vs “categories,” I shall be *tagging* my posts. At least one tag per post. I went back and hastily did this for previous posts, as well, but I may end up getting a better feel for how to “best” tag, over time.

Worth noting is that through some odd wordpress quirk, the fact that I tagged one or two posts with “SCIENCE!!!” at some point means that everything I try to tag with “science” comes out in all caps with three exclamations. I tried a couple of brief fixes, then decided it’s both easier and funnier if I just leave it this way.

*per as previous goal, I can post more, but this is not an “on average” goal, so posting a dozen things right this very minute will meet my goal for this week, but won’t actually complete the goal.

After that, it shall be time to re-eval. Hooray!


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