Holographs: Still inaccessible to the general population, but now a tiny bit less so!


So, this is less super-cool than it seems, because the holographic projector is still needed. Butimeanhey, who doesn’t have one of those lying around?

For those of us who don’t have such things lying around, a very, very cursory glance tells me that in order to get ahold of an actual holographic projector (not just one that shoots lasers), you could be dropping a grand, or more.

Though, technology advancing the way it is, I suppose it is actually possible that holographic projectors will end up begin cheaper over time- particularly if there’s a higher demand for them, which this would generate.

Once it hypothetically gets cheap enough to *make* at-all-passable holographic projectors at $500 or less, I’d say there’s a good chance that ends up being as much of a Big Giant Must-Have thing in entertainment as the Wii was back when the Wii was new and cool (remember that?).


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