This is another one that I think speaks for itself, at least in terms of “Oh holy crap, that’s amazing.”

It also kind of writes its own conspiracy theories, especially since the experiment itself funded partially by the US Army research office) involved a video game that shot missiles at airplanes. I mean, srsly.

But, that not-so-subtle hint toward some of the answer to “What evil things could this technology potentially be used for in the future?” question (and mental images of our future penitentiary system allowing people to serve as mind-controlled slaves and/or weapons rather than sitting around in cells- what, was that not what you immediately thought of?) aside, this technology does definitely have the potential to do a lot of good, and a lot of awesome.

Like almost everything else, it’s not so much going to be an issue of whose “hands” it falls into, or is best-developed by. It’s going to be a question of the profitability of its potential applications.

So here’s hoping that in The Future (which I think, with this kind of stuff happening, is kind of…. now), good somehow becomes more profitable than evil.

TL;DR /LESS THOUGHTFUL COMMENT: You *know* that offscreen and off-the-record, the researchers must have tried the good ol’ “stop hitting yourself” routine. Because, like, who wouldn’t?


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