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Yet another cool thing I made note of awhile back.  So far back, in fact, that the NSA thing hadn’t been made public yet. I did, however, already have the immediate reaction of “Well, now google will be able to know, see, and WATCH everything, eeevveerryyywhhheeerrreeeeee.”

Google continuing to fail at “don’t be evil [overlord]” aside, and, frankly, my predilection for OMG CONSPIRACEH!!! aside (I mean, really, why are they doing this? Is it because information is power? Is it a PR thing? Where’s the money? Because it’s never *really* about philanthropy), this is, frankly, pretty dang neat.

I am kind of entertained to see on their Google Plus page that lack of direct sunlight at southern latitudes was something that kinda threw a monkey wrench into their plans. I’m not sure why it amuses me. Maybe it’s just pure schadenfreude. Maybe it’s just me nerding out on the coolness that is doing a test pilot and seeing what needs to be tweaked. It will be interesting to see if they’re able to make whatever adjustments they need to.

Also, it must be said: It’s cool, but it *is* also a rather loony idea.


Small talk… in spaaaaaccceeeeee

I made note of this awhile ago because I thought it was an interesting concept/notion/idea, though it’s (pardon the pun) pretty “out there.”

I’m glad I took a second look, because now I’m also fascinated by a second aspect of this. Apparently, communicating with space via the internet is… well, still communicating via the internet.

There are super-serious senders who are sending out quotes and/or little bits of science at high volumes. There are trolls. There are messages that got flagged as NSFW. There is at least one prayer for, from what I can tell, strength while getting over a breakup. There are political statements with varying degrees of conviction and of literacy. There are descriptions of how to make mixed drinks, and there are snapshots of food. There are awkwardly blunt confessions of loneliness and requests for friendship or companionship. There was at least one instance of grammar nazi-in that I caught.

We have, in other words, done our best to provide any intelligent life that might be paying us any attention with, essentially, an unfiltered Facebook feed.

If the aliens try to blow us up, I’m not sure we can say it was entirely unprovoked.


OK, tangible goal-setting time.  Because goals are good.

Goal for now through the end of August is to post at least one interesting thing per week.  I can post more, but this is not an “on average” goal, so posting a dozen things right this very minute will meet my goal for this week, but won’t actually complete the goal.

After that, it shall be time to re-eval.  Hooray!

Please excuse our appearance…

…while this gets set up.

Process expected to take a week or less. Hofstadter’s law may interfere with this. Unfortunately, Hofstadter’s law does not leave a loophole for accounting for itself. I have failed at my first self-set goal before I started, else I have referenced a law I will then proceed to break. Oh, god, this is off to a terrible start.

There is, in fact, a somewhat sane reason for this blog being created, by the way. In case you were wondering.